Ever since prehistoric times, it has been known that a hungry person is bad and predatory : D Therefore, in order not to spoil the good fun, in our Complex you will find numerous gastronomic points that will satisfy even the greatest gourmand.

JuraPark catering point

If you get hungry at the very beginning of your Jurassic adventure, we invite you to the gastronomic center located in the Jura Park yard. The kitchen offers home-made and grilled dishes, and fast-food. Everything is tasty, fresh and prepared on site. You can eat here the unique ecological trout prepared on the grill according to a secret recipe – we assure you that it is worth trying.

Fishing Village on the Spring Island

Our fish restaurant attracts not only with a large selection of tasty and fresh fish from around the world, but also with its location. At least for a moment you can feel like in a real fishing village, and this is because the restaurant looks like a real pirate ship that moored to the spring island. Trout, pike perch, catfish, halibut, burbot are just some of the fish that you can eat here in various forms. However, the specialty is of course the trout from the local organic farming.

Jadło pod Stokiem

The gastronomic specialties of “Jadło pod Stokiem” are grilled dishes: pork neck, sirloin, pork knuckle, black pudding and sausages of various kinds. The meat comes from one of the best cured meat producers in the region – PUBLIMA LIPSKO – and is always fresh and perfectly prepared. In addition to grilled dishes, you can also order a dinner dish: soups such as the delicious Bałtów sour soup or the homemade tomato soup, second course: chicken fillet, hand-made dumplings, the famous “Kluch Bałtuchy”. “Jadło pod Stokiem” also offers fast food.

Przystocze Inn

“Przystocze” Inn boasts a fireplace room and a bar room. Here you can compose your dishes according to the principle “you eat what you want to and how much you want to”. Every day, the chef recommends juicy and fresh meat, healthy salads and steamed vegetables, filling soups, and for the dessert, homemade cakes from the “Bałtowskie Wypieki” bakery. It is worth noting that we cooperate directly with the largest distributor and producer of cured meat in the region – PUBLIMA, -thus guaranteeing the excellent quality of the products served.
In front of the “Przystocze” Inn there are special points for bonfires where picnic enthusiasts can prepare a sausage for themselves.

The Bałtowski Zapiecek Inn

Right next to the roller coaster, between the two pistes of the “Switzerland of Bałtów”, one can find the “Bałtowski Zapiecek” Inn. The interior of the restaurant has been designed so that every guest can feel the unique atmosphere of this place. The restaurant has two spacious rooms with beautiful fireplaces and an intimate mezzanine. In summer, a beautiful terrace is opened with a view on the green slope, where the horses from our stable walk. Peace and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the city is one of the features that distinguishes this place. Bałtowski Zapiecek is also a restaurant ideal for families with children.
The chef has prepared a special menu for the little ones, which will satisfy each and every fussy eater You can also find here many amenities such as a fairy tale playground, children’s chairs, a baby-change table, a toilet adapted for children. Particularly noteworthy is the well-equipped place designed especially for children’s play. Menu of Bałtów Zapieka is largely composed of Polish dishes varied with flavors from different parts of the world. Tasty and aromatic dishes made of local products. The chef has also included in the menu dishes typical of the Świętokrzyskie region. Vegans and vegetarians will also find something for themselves here.
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Points with waffles and ice cream

When you feel like eating something sweet, we have lots to offer! In our complex you will find numerous points with waffles and ice cream. Waffles are prepared on the spot, according to the own recipes, always soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside. They can be ordered with different additions, for example with fresh fruit, whipped cream or cheesecake. For refreshment, you can taste the Świętokrzyskie ice cream, which looks like Italian ice cream, but what distinguishes it is the real strawberry mixed with a delicious cream. Ice cream of a well-known Polish producer, which is available in a large range of flavors and American spiral ice cream available in the Amusement park.

Cafe in “Sabbath place

If you want to wake up to aromatic coffee from the espresso machine and taste the pastries form Bałtów, it is worth visiting the Sabbath place. Coffee and sweets delivered daily from our “Bałtowskie Wypieki” confectionery are served in a unique, enchanted environment.