JuraPark – dinosaur park

Make the dreams of traveling in time into the world of dinosaurs come true!

Almost a hundred life-size dinosaurs are located along the nearly one kilometer-long didactic path. The entire route has been divided into geological periods, thanks to which you can chronologically learn the turbulent history of the development of life on our planet.
Models of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that can be admired in JuraPark were made by paleo artists cooperating with us, with great attention to detail and in accordance with the latest discoveries and standards in paleontology. Our consultants include world-famous dinosaur experts and discoverers of dinosaur tracks, as well as scholars who deal with the reconstruction of the prehistoric world.
It is worth knowing that the area of the present Bałtów was a Jurassic beach, on which dinosaurs wandered. The evidence for this is a dinosaur trail found in the local ravine. This discovery became the inspiration for the creation of the first Jurassic park in Poland.
Since our aim is to popularize knowledge in the field of paleontology, JuraPark has been covered by the scientific patronage of the Polish Geological Institute in Warsaw, the Faculty of Geology of the University of Warsaw and the University of Silesia.

Gondwana – the continent of children’s imagination

Gondwana is a place full of active games bringing children closer to the knowledge of paleontological works. Are you interested in dinosaurs? Here you can check how much you know about them.

  • Signposts of knowledge – check yourself as a dinosaur expert,
  • Whose trail is it? Which dinosaur could have left this clue?
  • What is this dinosaur? See if you’re a true dinosaur expert;
  • Exhibition “Dinosaurs of Gondwana”;
  • Look at the work of our paleontologist who prepares fossils. He will be happy to tell you about his job,
  • Get to know your ancestors! See a mysterious village of human ancestors from around 30,000 years ago
  • A view of the “Devil’s foot” – the place where the first trail of a dinosaur in Bałtów was discovered.


A safe playground for the small and the big ones. Each parent can participate in the play with their children or relax comfortably in the shade without losing sight of their loved ones.

Here you will find

  • Swings, rockers and carousels – suitable for children of all ages
  • Slides with elements for climbing – thanks to an extensive construction with slides, the children have the opportunity to test their strength in climbing or passing through obstacles
  • Climbing frame- a pyramid made of ropes, which allows for efficient movement between different levels of altitude.
  • “Rubik’s Cube” – a wooden and metal construction for climbing
  • “Dig Me Out” – a place where children can discover a huge dinosaur skeleton
  • Dinopuzzle – stone puzzles with a dinosaur skeleton
  • Dinosaur’s mouth – enter the huge dinosaur’s jaw and make a unique photo.

JuraPark is just an introduction to the great adventure that awaits you in the Bałtów Tourist Complex.